A Trucker Route Planner That Keeps Your Dispatch and Driver in the Loop

Would a trucker route planner help streamline your communication in your shipping business? If you run dispatch, than you understand the hassles of attempting to organize ever-changing shipping and load needs with driver routes, communication, and invoice collection. You need truck dispatch software that can function on numerous levels and with numerous tasks to help keep all of your employees in the loop.

From a route planner to improved communications to warehouse and load management, Prophesy, a Highjump Product, from Mile lets you super-power your routing and shipping business for ultimate efficiency. With Prophesy, you get the tools you need, the flexibility you want, and the price you can afford, all with the experience and expertise of transportation software designed by industry experts. Don’t trust every trucking software created for businesses that don’t professionally handle shipping; go with Mile instead.

Make Dispatching Easier With a Trucker Route Planner

For your drivers, communication is the key. Upgrade communications to run through our Optimize and Prophesy modules, and watch your trucking and carrier efficiency soar. Critical details can be automatically exchanged between dispatch and your drivers. Whether you are looking for route or map information, load updates and changes, or invoice and billing updates that can be automatically generated without loss of information or communication, our dispatch system makes communication on the road simple and easy.

One-time data entry also minimizes date entry errors and increases employee productivity. Increased awareness and communication and accuracy allows your employees to make the most of their time, increasing both employee satisfaction and profitability, and customer satisfaction as performance improves. If you are looking to optimize your budget and lower costs, efficiently run dispatch is an important shipping improvement.

A Trucker Route Planner Integrated With an All-in-One Solution

While your drivers are delivering goods and checking in, dispatch is optimizing loads and keeping track of routes, and accounting is working on invoicing and receiving. These pieces of your shipping business need to work together, and Prophesy allows for the ultimate integration of all aspects of your shipping business into one program.

Work with Mile's experienced consultants to choose the best software options and components for you, letting you maximize your budget without taking on software you don’t need. Choose features that can be accessed online and with minimal set up for the company starting on a budget, or add features if you are expanding your software tools to grow your business further. For the best trucker route planner and other dispatch software tools, look to Miles and the Prophesy system today.