Prophesy Has the Most Reliable Truck Routing Software

It is extremely important to have truck routing software that will generate the most efficient route possible. If driving directions and multiple stops are not considered or provided, you can lose time and money.

With Prophesy’s mileage and routing suite, you will have these powerful tools at your fingertips, and all details of the route are considered. Calculating class 8 miles to over a million destinations North America is made simple with our powerful trucking software.

In the past, accounting for potential delays on the road from tolls, bridge heights, vehicle restrictions, and underpass heights was challenging and time consuming. Our software does this for you, and allows your drivers to focus on the business at hand, getting loads to their destination faster, safer and with more money on the bottom line. All commercial vehicle restrictions and seasonal road closures are considered, to ensure that your drivers get to their stops without unnecessary setbacks.

Create Commercial Grade Routes Simply Using Our Powerful Truck Routing Software

Our truck mileage software system will create commercial routes that automatically calculate ISR (industry standard rating) and your practical miles. You can look up an unlimited amount of commercial routes with our software; this service is included in the software, and does not incur a cost each time you look up a route, like many other platforms.

Fully Automated Truck Routing Software with Seamless Data Transfer

This truck mileage and routing suite can be fully integrated with Prophesy’s fuel optimization, log auditing, fuel tax, and dispatch and accounting suites. Because of this available integration, you can have all the data filled in at your fingertips, instead of having to go to each aspect of the software and reenter the relevant information.

We have also included a feature which allows this aspect of our software to integrate with other dispatch platforms you might be using. Our transportation software is designed to make your life easier and to help you develop the most efficient business possible.

Our Detailed Full Color Route Maps Simplify Your Driver's Job

We have made sure that our route maps are as clear as possible. Prophesy provides correct mileage summaries by state. These summaries are an invaluable tool when doing your fuel tax reporting.

We create tools that cut down on time-consuming tasks and increase productivity by preventing human error. You can expect to have more efficient route planning and easier integration with accounting and reporting. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation over the phone or request more information online about our truck routing software and the rest of our software systems.