Truck Routing Online Made Specifically for Carriers and Trucking Businesses

Truck routing online must be simple, right? You can just pull up Google Maps, a satellite map provider, or MapQuest, and off you go! If it were this easy, everyone would be in the shipping business. Truck routing and mapping is no simple matter, particularly when one takes load restrictions, truck size, and other factors into account. Add in the need for constant communication with dispatch, timely arrival requirements, and the necessity of keeping your clients updated on shipping details, and trying to route shipments can be as complicated as trying to untie the Gordian knot.

When it comes to truck routing online, there is no better transportation management software to assist than Prophesy, a HighJump product from Mile. Prophesy allows you to choose needed components to improve all aspects of your shipping business from warehousing to dispatch to truck routes. With Prophesy, you can improve the mapping and movement of your entire fleet, all with a simple to use interface that fits your budget.

Truck routing online made simple and safe

One of the hazards of using internet mapping and trucking software to route trucks is safety concerns. Your drivers may not be able to access all roads used on Google Maps, for example, due to construction, weight restrictions, or height restrictions.

With Prophesy’s module for routing and mapping, all pertinent information is taken into account to route trucks on the safest, fastest roads. You can even set roads to avoid tolls and keep costs down. Truck mileage is easily and accurately tracked for practical mileage and industry standard rating. Find the shortest, safest routes that will get your trucks there on time, keeping your drivers, your dispatch, and your clients happy.

Dispatch Made Easy

While your trucks get automatic and efficient routing devices, your dispatch can take advantage of the efficient and integrated dispatch system within Prophesy's truck dispatch software. Communication with drivers can be completed via phone, radio, or wireless device. Load changes and alterations can be quickly and easily communicated. Best of all, data needs to be entered only once, eliminating costly clerical errors.

Seamless integration with your existing accounting system simplifies dispatch and transport further. Order deliveries can be easily and automatically invoiced to avoid lost paperwork, and billing and receiving become ever simpler with automatic invoicing updates and taxation tables. With Prophesy transportation software, all of the aspects of your shipping business are integrated into one system for easy access and use. Truck routing online can be an aspect of your shipping business that you improve with Prophesy from Mile.