Truck Dispatching Software Streamlines the Transportation Process

If you own a transportation or trucking business, managing the needs of your dispatch can be made simpler with the right truck dispatching software. You need software that allows you to integrate communication with tracking, dispatch needs, and warehouse connectivity. This trucking software should also let you easily manage critical components if you aren’t ready for a full software overhaul.

With ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product, you gain the ability to incorporate powerful truck dispatching software on the time table and budget that you need. Gone are the days of white boards, radio communications, and endless triplicate forms sent in all directions. With ProphesyOne, managing your fleet, regardless of size, has never been simpler. Digital communication tools, mileage tracking, and easy accounting integration are some of the many reasons that ProphesyOne is some of the most highly praised truck dispatch software available in the industry.

Endless Flexibility and Power

While managing a truck dispatch is no easy task, ProphesyOne gives you the tools you need to make this process more efficient, and to improve your customer satisfaction and bottom line. Our dispatch software lets you easily communicate with and track trucks, give up-to-the-minute locations and route changes to your staff and to your customers, and keep everyone in the loop to maximize customer satisfaction. With our online and cloud options, customers can log in to see where their deliveries are and if delays or changes have affected their order.

Transportation software from ProphesyOne makes it easier than ever to communicate route and load changes to all necessary parties. Tracking mileage, fleet maintenance, and IFTA reports are all other features that can be easily integrated into the dispatch software. With ProphesyOne, you can maintain your fleet, keep accurate records, and improve communication and efficiency.

Choose Your Options for Truck Dispatching Software

Instead of trying to sell you a software suite that may be more than you need at this time, ProphesyOne’s professional and experienced consultants will work with you to establish which areas of growth you wish to target in your company. We may discuss installation options like cloud-based solutions that are easy to set up and easy to access with any internet connection. Or, you may wish to investigate on-site installation options that offer more control and stability.

Whatever your requirements, you make choices based on your critical needs and your budget rather than picking from a pre-packaged option. Whether you want to start with a full install or go one component at a time, our consultants will help you. With ProphesyOne, we understand that you need power and flexibility, and offer both in our professional truck dispatch software product line.