Why You Need Truck Dispatcher Software

Truck dispatcher software is the key to efficiently managing your fleet of trucks, regardless of the size. If you are still managing trucks with paper, pencil, phone calls, white boards, and duplicate forms, then your dispatch is working at less than peak performance. Maybe you have automated some dispatch features, but not others, and are looking to improve your dispatch reliability and efficiency.

Whatever the case, Prophesy, a HighJump product, and ProphesyOne can help you maximize the potential and efficiency of your dispatch. From small fleets to hundreds of trucks, we make software that keeps your fleet in optimal shape, in constant communication, and running effectively, all without wasted manpower on hours of phone calls and form processing. With ProphesyOne you get the power to manage your fleets with trucking software that is the industry standard for flexibility and efficiency.

Truck Dispatcher Software With the Power You Need

Not all truck dispatcher software is created equal, but ProphesyOne has the power you need to keep all your trucks in constant communication. With easy communication modules, you can stay connected to your fleet at all times, maintaining contact with drivers, viewing routes, and even keeping an eye on stops, down time, and route changes, which can all cost you time and dollars.

Mileage can be easily tracked and IFTA taxes calculated with ProphesyOne, letting you keep ahead of the financial game as well. You can even integrate payment invoices electronically, so that a load delivered is a load processed with ProphesyOne’s easy to integrate features that sync to your existing financial systems. With ProphesyOne, you get the tools that many large companies require in truck dispatch software, with a flexible installation program and price that lets small and medium-sized businesses have the same advantages.

Scalable Transportation Software That Works to Your Advantage

Rather than purchasing software that only lets you do what the software company wants, you get customizable software with ProphesyOne. Choose the components that you need to make your dispatch work more efficiently than ever. Unlike some software suites, ProphesyOne is scalable to your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Our consultants will help you choose the areas that will benefit from becoming automated, help you pick the correct components, and even offer various installation options.

Choose from on-site server-based solutions that give you traditional power and control over your dispatch, or more flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions. ProphesyOne even offers the technical support and training needed to get your employees up to speed quickly. For truck dispatcher software that improves your dispatch communication, contact Prophesy about ProphesyOne today.