Truck Dispatch Software to Keep Your Dispatch Running Smoothly

Truck dispatch software can help keep your dispatch operating efficiently and with minimal employee effort. Instead of relying on old duplicate paperwork forms, phone calls, and white boards, it is time to take your transportation business to the next level with transportation software that helps you build your business and keep shipments running smoothly all day, every day.

With ProphesyOne from Prophesy, a HighJump product, you get the powerful tools you need to keep your dispatch working for you and your clients, without the antiquated hassle of paperwork and phone calls. Now, routes can be organized, shipments and loads can be easily managed, and your fleet stays in proper working order. With ProphesyOne, you can choose the components you need to ensure that you have truck dispatch software that helps your business grow.

Truck Dispatch Software That is Built to Your Needs

With ProphesyOne you get trucking software that is built for your needs instead of someone else’s prescribed solution. You work with our consultants to establish areas of critical need and growth, and choose software options that help target those areas. From there, you can choose on site installation or cloud-based solutions that can get your dispatch working quickly and efficiently.

ProphesyOne even offers training and set up assistance so that your business doesn’t languish in down time without working software or untrained employees. Whether you need a quick start solution that targets critical areas of dispatch organization or are looking to expand the efficiency of your dispatch to improve your bottom line, ProphesyOne can help.

Powerful Efficiency With Software That Works

Not all dispatch software is created equal – or even created for your specific type of shipping business. Whether you manage a small fleet or a large fleet with hundreds of trucks, ProphesyOne can help you reach your dispatch efficiency goals. Single point data entry ensures that clerical errors are minimized and that load changes, truck maintenance, and route updates are communicated to all necessary parties quickly and without lost time from answering phone calls. Load and route updates can be automatically accessed in real time by clients, reducing the amount of employee time lost answering phone calls.

ProphesyOne even helps map routes, track mileage, and calculate fuel taxation. With so many options, you can automate one part of your dispatch that is lagging behind the times, or upgrade the entire process to a more automated system that lets your employees get back to organizing shipments instead of troubleshooting problems. With ProphesyOne you get truck dispatch software that works.