Truck Dispatch Software Helps Companies Keep Up With Demand

In the past, maintaining manual dispatching records was an incredibly tedious and time-consuming task. With the truck dispatch software within the Prophesy Dispatch Series, you will see how simple it is to keep meticulous records of every aspect of your dispatching needs. If there are any errors or discrepancies, you can just pull up your digital records and clearly see what happened.

We have made sure that there are options for every type of carrier. When you look into our products you will see that we have created software that applies to every situation. You can call us any time for a free consultation to determine which one of our solutions is going to resolve all of your trucking software needs.

Our Transportation Software is Designed to Meet and Exceed Your Expectations

For truckload carriers, our truck dispatch software is a true problem solver and will keep track of every driver-related issue that you might encounter, all in a user-friendly environment. If you use Quickbooks you will even be able to import data from the fuel card provider you use. Freight billing, dispatch, driver settlements and more have never been easier than with our tools to help you minimize headaches and maximize profitability.

For those of you who are freight brokers, we have created an optimized solution. Prophesy Dispatch for Brokers has automated search capabilities that will allow you to get automated safety and compliance alerts, and help you find the best carrier for your load. For those of you who run a combined operation, we have integrated these two systems to give you full functionality – with the added bonus of keeping the accounting separate, to ensure accurate reporting every time. 

Prophesy's Truck Dispatch Software Will Keep You in Tune With Your Workflow

We have not forgotten about LTL carriers; in fact, we have created software just for you. With our trucking dispatch software, you will be able to stay organized, because the program will automatically organize pickups and shipments for you, even with multiple scenarios in place. It will help you fill in your paperwork so that you stay up to date and don't lose out on pay.

Here at, we take your success very seriously, and are constantly adding to and improving our software to meet today's ever-changing standards. We understand what your responsibilities are, and are happy to provide software solutions that continually keep pace with a changing transportation industry. It has never been easier to use truck dispatch software, and we are leading software providers in the trucking software industry. Call today to find out how our software can help you run your business more smoothly.