Truck Broker Software to the Rescue

As if brokering shipments and trucking wasn’t difficult enough, the demands of a high speed world mean that you need truck broker software if you want to keep up with modern transportation requirements. Once, phone calls, paperwork, and a whiteboard were all you needed to broker successful jobs. People were used to filing duplicate forms, making phone calls, and for transportation that often took time to complete. Today, however, speed is the name of the game, and clients now expect faster turn around on shipments than ever before. Meeting this efficiency can be a tremendous challenge for any trucking broker, but it is a challenge that can be met with HighJump and With Prophesy software from HighJump, you can gain an affordable and powerful software tool that will help you make your shipping brokerage run more efficiently than ever. Save time, money, and gain customer confidence – what’s to lose?

Truck Broker Software That is Easy to Use

Prophesy remains one of the easiest to use and most successful pieces of trucking software available. Numerous critical functions are simple to learn, access, and use, with seamless integration between your office and even remote agents and clients. Easy data entry ensures that data only needs to be entered once, eliminating both time loss from multiple entries and errors in data from mistakes. A single shipping entry can then instantly be used by several departments, helping to create efficiency and streamlining your business. With years of experience in the transportation industry, HighJump understands what it takes to make powerful, easy to use software that is actually practical for a shipping broker. We offer Prophesy as you need it, not as a pre-packaged deal that includes options you don’t need. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to get rid of software windows for managing trucks and tracking tire mileage that you don’t need to know about. Instead, choose the software options that work for you.

Increase Efficiency and Timeliness

With streamlined data entry and integrated functions that tie right into your existing accounting software system, truck broker software from HighJump helps boost your company’s reputation for speed and reliability. Truck carrier searches let you choose the best carrier for a given load, while one-click load management lets you see, combine, separate, or manage loads that are ready to ship. You can even allow other employees access to information with scaled security options to keep all of your employees in the loop. For the most powerful truck broker software available, contact HighJump and today.