Software Needs For Truck Broker Software May Not Align With Traditional Dispatch

While all transportation companies have their share of challenges, freight brokers may be in need of truck broker software specifically designed to meet their particular needs. Unlike a for-hire carrier, freight brokers and truck brokers have unique needs in managing contact with a number of carriers and delivery fleets. To keep track of this intricate web of transportation, transportation software can help. With Mile trucking software, a HighJump product, managing multiple loads, clients, and trucking sources is simplified with unique and powerful tracking and disbursement tools. Client interfaces keep everyone in your process in the loop while expanded data entry platforms allow for detailed and accurate information sharing. With Mile, you can finally get the truck broker software you need instead of standard dispatching tools that don’t work for your business format.

Why Regular Truck Dispatch Software Does Not Always Work For The Freight Broker Model

For today’s trucking company, traditional dispatch software is a wonderful tool. Loads can be easily and automatically tracked, documentation can be quickly generated, and trucks can maintain communication with straight forward tools that are designed to address a singular fleet. Freight brokers, however, have an added challenge of dealing with numerous sources of goods and numerous shippers who pick up and deliver those goods. Partial load management and tracking now become necessary. Communications tools must allow for dissemination of information to multiple trucks and even multiple clients. Tracking who goes where and what they are carrying becomes vital not only for your bottom line but also for your client satisfaction. To accomplish all of this, you need powerful tools. With Mile, our software comes ready to customize so you can choose the options you need to make your truck broker software work properly for you.

Increase Client And Carrier Communication

Mile trucking software allows you and your clients to all stay on one page. With tracking elements that allow for each shipment status to be updated in real time, you can keep track of all of your loads and link clients into the communication stream. With remote client log in, your customers don’t spend time calling for load status, if there is a delay, and your employees don’t waste time making phone call after phone call. This communication aspect is equally important for your manufacturers who can ensure that deliveries are being made in a timely and accurate manner. Mile truck broker software is truly adaptable to the needs of the freight broker.