Transportation Software to Ease Your Dispatch Woes

If you are the owner of a trucking fleet, then you know that transportation software is a must-have for the transportation business. Good trucking softwarecan make the difference between errors and costly mistakes, and a transportation business that thrives and grows. This is particularly true for the owner of a truck fleet or freight broker.

The Prophesy suite of transportation software from HighJump is an excellent choice to help you manage, organize, and monitor every aspect of your transportation business. With Prophesy, not only can you stay organized and keep the various portions of your company in synchronization, but you can also stay ahead of the Department of Transportation curve.

Transportation Software That Keeps You Abreast of Changing Regulations and Requirements

One of the most useful and important features of the Prophesy software suite is its compliance and synchronization with current Department of Transportation rules and regulations. This ever-changing series of regulations can become a hassle if not kept up with and, even worse, can put your company at risk of costly fines and dangerous practices if they are not complied with.

The Prophesy software suite auto-updates several important regulations automatically, such as IFTA fuel tax reporting, helping keep your company up to date on current standards and regulations. A complete list of compliance points from the Department of Transportation will help keep your fleet in tiptop shape and track regular maintenance.

Furthermore, truck tracking, mileage tracking, and driver log auditing abilities allow you to keep tabs on your trucks, fleet, trailers, and drivers, ensuring compliance and ease of operation. If you find these areas difficult to manage with traditional paperwork – or simply wish to cut down the time spent handling these administrative tasks – then transportation software may be for you.

A Trusted Resource in Truck Dispatch Software

With over twelve thousand users, Prophesy is one of the most popular and user accessible software suites available for trucking use today. The software’s modular system allows it to be tailored to your needs, so that you are not buying program pieces you will not use, and are keeping your technological upgrade within your budget. Manage your fleet with ease, keeping track of everything from location and driver logs to records of important and needed maintenance, so that your repairs come in on time and in budget.

The Prophesy software system was designed specifically to meet the needs of a versatile transportation industry by industry experts and analysts. Easy-to-use modules and stations let Prophesy become an immediate and vital part of your growing transportation business. For the most flexible and useful transportation software, look to Mile and the Prophesy software suite.