Transportation Planning Software Keeps Your Clients and Employees Satisfied

Transportation planning software can not only increase communication, productivity, and the ease with which you manage your transportation or shipping company, but it can also increase client and employee satisfaction by allowing for clear communication, expectations, and updates. There is nothing that will decrease your company’s productivity like poor employee morale or dissatisfaction. There is nothing that will infuriate customers more than not understanding where their job, product, or shipment is in the cycle.

For transportation brokers, these two facets are vital to running a productive and profitable transportation business. Transportation management software can help alleviate both of these problems. Prophesy, a HighJump product from Mile, is the transportation planning software that you need to keep both your internal processes running smoothly and your clients up to date and satisfied. With Prophesy, you can manage all aspects of freight brokerage while reducing error and increasing communication and efficiency.

Reduce Inventory Errors and Increase Employee Communication

The old white board and duplicate form system is a tool of the past – and with good reason. Using phones or radios and forms to keep track of shipments and load changes leads to multiple data entry points, errors in data or communication, and frustrated employees. Inventory gets lost. Loads get put in the wrong place. Shipment changes wreak havoc in your warehouse.

In freight brokerage, none of these hassles are problems you can afford. Truck dispatch software helps streamline the shipping process by allowing you to input client instructions directly into the system to be accessed by all relevant employees. No longer is data entered at multiple points – thus reducing costly clerical errors – and everyone from the warehouse manager to accounting to your dock loaders can see precisely the information they need to get their job done right the first time. Load changes are easily managed with a few clicks and the information is instantly available to critical warehouse teams. Need to change a carrier? No problem. Have a client with specific shipping requirements? Prophesy is trucking software that can handle that.

Transportation Planning Software That Keeps Your Clients Up to Speed

Your clients may keep calling, looking for shipping and load updates as they try to keep their own customers satisfied. What can you do? Instead of devoting employee hours and resources to fielding every inquiry, let Prophesy do the work for you. Prophesy transportation software offers a unique client portable that your clients can access from the web to bring up specifics about shipments, shipping process, and shipping and arrival times. Shed some light on the brokering process and keep your clients in the loop – and happy – with Prophesy. It’s transportation planning software that helps your business grow.