Transportation Management Systems Software To Improve Your Dispatch Efficiency

While a good dispatch manager may be able to keep a fleet moving with traditional methods of forms, radios, and white boards, keeping your dispatch working correctly typically takes transportation management systems software. How can software make your dispatch operate more smoothly? Even with an efficient and organized staff, dispatch is one of the most complicated portions of any transportation company. Numerous trucks encountering diverse and numerous complications, the need to keep clients in the loop, and the ever-increasing numbers of regulations that need to be followed make dispatch jobs anything but simple. With Mile, a HighJump product, you gain access to trucking software that truly lets you streamline the processes of your dispatch to save money and improve overall function. With Mile transportation management systems software, you choose your installation and operation needs to make your dispatch operate more efficiently.

How Can Truck Dispatch Software Help With Your Growing Fleet?

For many dispatchers, the largest challenge of operation is managing the needs, locations, and tracking of numerous trucks in the fleet. Mile allows for clear communication with all of your fleet trucks, simply by use of mobile devices. With tracking features, you can monitor a truck’s location and on the road time, minimizing the need to make “check in” and status calls that take valuable time. Tracking also allows you to ensure that your drivers are using their time wisely and spending their time on route, taking necessary breaks for safety and legality, and are moving your goods in the most efficient manner possible. Another benefit of Mile transportation management systems software is the ability to link your customers into this fleet communication loop. With client log-ins, shipping can be tracked in real time, making certain that your clients don’t waste their valuable time waiting at the loading dock for a shipment that was delayed.

Keep Service Needs Under Control With Transportation Software

One facet of dispatch that can eat profits is the need to service the trucks in your fleet. With Mile, you can keep track of service records that are necessary for inspections and regulatory checks. Additionally, you can see the service history of your trucks. From engine issues to flats, spot a truck that has more breakdowns than necessary to find “lemons” before they cost you more. Locate service issues before they happen by seeing when regular maintenance was last required. Keeping your trucks in tip-top shape lets your goods get delivered in a timely manner. With Mile transportation management systems software, service tracking has never been simpler.