Finding the Correct Transport Management System to Fit Your Needs

A transport management system can greatly help your transportation company reach the heights of efficiency and organization that you need to become a leader in the industry. Your needs for software, however, are dependent upon the type of shipping services that you offer. The needs of a freight broker, for example, are not the same as the needs of a long distance owner operator managing a small fleet of trucks. At HighJump and, we understand that your software and computer needs to organize your company are as varied as the types of freight you carry. Our transport management system software, Prophesy, is versatile and customizable, letting you choose the features and facets you need to make your transportation business a success. Don’t trust one size fits all software to meet your organizational needs when an integrated and streamlined approach can improve your results.

Decide on the Features that Best Suit You

If you are managing a for-hire fleet of trucks, your needs in software are automatically different from those of a broker arranging maximized load shipments, or even someone who is looking for solid private fleet management software. Prophesy recognizes these differences, so you can choose the portions of the software package that best suit your business model. For those with trucks and fleets maintenance and service software is a must to track truck service, record important inspection and maintenance dates, and to remain in compliance with Department of Transportation requirements. In contrast, a freight broker doesn’t need to study tire wear, and may be far more interested in load management software that lets load specifications be shifted and changed with just a few clicks. Whatever options you choose, Prophesy can integrate with your current software systems and Windows-based computers. Simply install and integrate with your existing accounting program, such as QuickBooks, and you are ready to roll. With HighJump and there is no need to pay for software you don’t want or need, nor to reenter information you already have in your accounting system.

A Transport Management System that Gets Everyone on One Page

With Prophesy, all of your employees can get on one page and make your company work at its peak performance. With old paper and white board systems or other non-integrated software, double data-entry and multiple entry points means lost information and a lot of extra work in phone calls and paper transfers. Prophesy software updates all levels of your employee chain with needed information, quickly and accurately, with just a few clicks. If efficiency in transportation is money, Prophesy is an easy way to get dollars rolling toward your accounts. For transport management system software that works for you, contact today.