Transportation Management Software Helps Control Your Truck Fleet

If you are a freight carrier, you know the difficulty and complexity of managing a fleet of trucks. Transportation management software offers one way that you can organize and manage the most vital aspects of your business without hassle or difficulty. With Prophesy software systems from HighJump, you can integrate your fleet’s movements into the rest of your business with ease. The system allows you to seamlessly blend accounting and your fleet’s tracking and management with one easy-to-use program.

Transportation management software can simplify all of these complex processes without creating hours of additional administrative paperwork. In fact, transportation software will reduce the time your employees spend on paperwork.

Integrate Your Transportation Management Software With Your Accounting System

One of the greatest disconnects in freight transportation is the one between dispatching and accounting. Multiple data entry points, from the truck to the invoicing, can lead to clerical errors and lost time and money. Trying to synchronize changing loads, split freight, and updates to tracking that affect costs can be like trying to wrestle a bear.

Trucking software from HighJump can help you integrate these complicated tasks with your existing accounting system, creating a seamless connection between your transportation software and your Quickbooks, Peachtree, or Sage accounting systems. This integration can help your departments ensure that invoicing is completed in an accurate and timely manner; and that changes to load information are seamlessly altered on the accounting side as well. Transportation management software like Prophesy can even auto-calculate the appropriate fuel and road taxes to simplify fuel tax reporting. 

Truck Dispatch Software That Lets You Keep Track of Your Fleet

Another option available with the Prophesy system is the ability to track the movements, location, and allocations of your truck fleet, all in real time with easy-to-use point-of-access design. You will be able to separately identify and label each truck, trailer, and driver, and know their locations at all times. With Prophesy's powerful tracking tools, your dispatch can become more organized and more efficient, letting you allocate your fleet resources with ease.

Your customers can even have access to your tracking information; simply set security parameters that limit what information your clients can see, so they can track their shipment in real time. This real time integration can help you eliminate communications errors and lost or delayed shipments, aligning your entire freight system and turning it into one real-time tracking process. For transportation management software that will take your freight carrying to a new level, look to Prophesy from HighJump for all your software needs, and contact Mile today.