How Can TMS Systems Help Grow Your Trucking Business?

TMS systems – or transportation management systems – can help your trucking business grow and exceed expectations for efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. But what does a transportation management system do and how can it help? How much does it cost? What options do you have and what if you only need automaticity of certain functions? All of these may be questions you have about TMS systems, but with HighJump's Prophesy system, all of these questions are easy to answer., you can explore the versatility of our transportation management systems and see how they can streamline your shipping systems and integrate your transportation needs with your accounting and communications departments.

Get Rid of the Paperwork with TMS Systems

One of the major benefits of Prophesy as a transportation management system is the streamlining of your current levels of paperwork. No matter what type of trucking business you run, from third party to managing your own fleet, keeping track of freight bills, load changes, and personnel needs can be dizzying. Add in paperwork for transportation regulations, taxes, and truck maintenance, and planning an invasion of a foreign nation would probably be simpler! With transportation management systems like Prophesy, you can streamline the process, eliminating forms and automating calculations and features that reduce the need to transfer hundreds of invoices, freight bills, and maintenance slips from one department to another. Not only do immediate requests and updates become simpler with less paperwork, but electronic systems allow you to have instant access to records searches, providing easy maintenance and shipping histories with just a few mouse clicks.

Integration That Makes Your Transportation Organization Effortless

Rather than rely on fifteen phone calls to separate portions of your company, transportation management systems allow your trucking company or brokerage to instantly update all needed parties in any transaction. From the loading dock to the truck to the billing and receiving departments, getting everyone on one page with Prophesy from HighJump means fewer wasted hours for your employees, and fewer lost or delayed shipments. Your customers can even get in on the act with real time tracking.With Prophesy, a load change no longer means notifying six people with six phone calls, as access to the system immediately updates all involved parties. Your dropped, lost, and delayed loads will be reduced dramatically, improving your efficiency and saving you money. Imagine improving your reputation as a top notch transportation company with the right organizational software to give you the streamlined efficiency you need. Give your business legitimacy, efficiency, and save money by using HighJump Prophesy TMS systems today.