What is TMS Software?

What is TMS software and how can it help your transportation business? TMS -- or transportation management system – is software that is specially designed to provide tracking, resource management, and integrated accounting options for trucking and transportation businesses.

Good transportation software comes with a variety of options that make it efficient to use for several transportation tasks. Dispatch software allows trucking carriers to track trucks, drivers, and loads, for example. In contrast, transportation management software for brokers may focus more on organizing and efficiently coordinating contracts between clients and carriers. Prophesy software from HighJumpprovides easily customizable and flexible software suitable for any type of transportation company to maximize their efficiency. 

The importance of integration in TMS software

One of the most important features in trucking software is the ability to integrate it into your existing tracking and accounting systems. If you constantly have to re-enter data or cross reference invoices to purchase or job orders, then efficiency is lost and the administrative process can become cumbersome. Smooth integration of systems is, thus, a priority for TMS software. With Prophesy, you can have seamless integration with your existing Quickbooks, Peachtree, or Sage systems to simplify the process between tracking work and invoicing work. Codes now remain consistent, and one data entry point minimizes errors and lost orders or invoices.

Prophesy also provides numerous services as part of its interface, allowing you to integrate it into your company procedures and eliminate other, less versatile programs to further streamline your operations. Using Prophesy enables you to get rid of several programs that provide piecemeal services in favor of one integrated, easy to use system. 

Provide resources for clients and customers

If you find yourself spending hours of time interfacing with clients and customers, simplify your administrative tasks by using truck dispatch software from HighJump. Without compromising your own security, this software allows you to give access to different employees, clients, and customers based on security settings established and set by you. Protect the intimate knowledge of where your truckers are and where your shipments are while still allowing real time tracking and communication with the people that matter. Real time tracking can drastically improve your customer and client relationships, all while minimizing lost paperwork and shipments. If you think that the right TMS software would simplify your trucking processes and grow your transportation business, contact Mile today.