Maps for Truck Drivers Made Easy

Maps for truck drivers can’t just be pulled off the internet, and old-fashioned paper maps take too long to use in a high-pressure trucking situation. What is the solution, then? If the internet is unreliable but your truckers are often having to route to new locales, taking time out of dispatch to constantly check directions is an inefficient use of time.

Prophesy, a HighJump product from Mile, has the ability to improve your routing and dispatch features, all with easy-to-use software that can be accessed via wireless device by dispatch, accounting, and trucking. Why would you let your business sectors operate independently and with lackluster communication, when one truck routing software suite can tie your business together and make for more efficient shipping?

With Prophesy, you gain the power to get your trucks to their destination on time with maps for truck drivers, your dispatch the ability to communicate clearly, and accounting the means to keep clear track of shipping costs, billing, and taxation. Designed by industry experts, Prophesy can help your transportation business come together and grow.

Industry Experts With Expertly Designed Software

Unlike some software suites that aren’t specifically designed for shipping or varied transportation needs, Prophesy has been brought to life by industry experts in transportation. We aren’t software engineers that got into the shipping business; we’re shipping experts that created software to help our industry grow and thrive. Our software is easy to use and install, with minimal setup and fast and simple access via terminals in your facility or online access via mobile device.

Our consultants will meet with you to determine the trucking software components that you’ll require to grow your business. You can choose from various levels of software installation, letting you start small and within your budget, with the ability to add on and build your business later. Just need truck dispatch software and routing? No problem. Want to integrate accounting or warehousing components? We can do that. We specialize in giving small and medium transportation companies the power of big box warehouses without the cost and extra transportation software that you don’t need.

Maps for Truck Drivers That Focus on Safety

Not just any map will work for truck drivers. High tolls need to be avoided. Traffic needs to be dodged. Accident updates are vital to timely delivery. Some roads aren’t even accessible due to weight restrictions or height restrictions.

With the need to find roads that are safe and offer efficient routing, Prophesy helps by automatically updating potential routes to the destination with automatic and optimized routing. Dispatch can instantly be brought into the loop, keeping your base of operations apprised of driving problems before they occur. With maps for truck drivers through Prophesy, trucking has never been more efficient.