Fuel Tax Reporting With Accuracy With IFTA Tax Software

Don’t let the complexity of accurate fuel tax reporting leave you frustrated. IFTA tax software with TaxTally and ProphesyOne, a HighJump product, can make recording and reporting your fuel taxes simple, no matter the size of your fleet.

Complying with IFTA taxes is critical for any trucking company. Not all trucking software is capable of accurate tracking and simple reporting, however. The more complex and complicated tracking becomes, the more likely you are to make critical errors in IFTA reporting – errors that can cost you in the long run.

Particularly if your fleet is growing, you may find IFTA reporting becoming quite the bear to wrestle! The answer lies in ProphesyOne and TaxTally, a software suite that lets you get a handle on IFTA tracking and reporting with easy to use, integrated IFTA tax software.

Truck Dispatch Software That Lets You Keep Track of Every Mile and Every Gallon

Part of the complexity of IFTA reporting is being able to accurately track mileage and used fuel for your entire fleet. TaxTally and ProphesyOne use advanced calculations to take into account truck loads and weight variations, to accurately determine the mileage and fuel used for a given truck and load. With automatic conversions, metric or US measurements can be used to figure in fuel use.

Prophesy’s mileage database lets you verify mileage per state, providing a clear, data-based picture of the use and distance of each truck. Best of all, whether you have two trucks or two hundred, TaxTally can track them all. We give you powerful and flexible tools to let you monitor the use of fuel in your entire fleet, and then accurately track and figure taxation.

IFTA Tax Software That is Easy to Update and Maintain

You don’t want to spend valuable dispatch and accounting time figuring out the tax tables for every state you drive through. Particularly if you are just expanding into new regions or territories, this process would drive any dispatcher bonkers! Instead, use our easy tax tables with automatic updates. Each table is automatically and regularly updated to provide you with accurate taxation for your mileage in any given state.

As the next step, TaxTally and ProphesyOne provide a transportation software suite that figures taxation quickly and accurately and automatically generates your tax report. Quarterly taxation updates keep your figures accurate at all times, vastly reducing errors in reporting that cost you money over time. With IFTA tax software from ProphesyOne and TaxTally, you get the powerful taxation reporting tools that you need.