Our IFTA Software Keeps You Up to Date on Every Detail

Businesses, unfortunately, do not run themselves, even if we wish they would. You can, though, use effective organizational tools that will keep time from slipping away from you and help prevent costly administrative errors. We understand your needs, and within Prophesy TaxTally we have developed a comprehensive tax reporting tool that will take the guess work out of creating your tax reports.

This aspect of our trucking software is fully comprehensive, and will ensure that you never have to look for IFTA software in the future. You will no longer experience tedious hours of editing and reanalyzing whether you have completed all of those detailed forms correctly. With all of our information in the system, you will be ready any time you need to pull up your quarterly update to see where you stand on your tax responsibilities.

Our Transportation Software Lets You Get Your Information Fast

As you go through our software, you will be able to create reports for mileage (including fuel taxes due), fuel purchased, the distance driven, any applicable refunds and credits and more. This information will be stored into your database and easily accessible when you need to create and fill out your state reports.

You will be very happy to know that this IFTA software will fill out the relevant forms at the click of a button, showing you the completed forms and the bottom line. This capability effectively saves you hours of time, allowing you to focus on other tasks to build your business. You will be able to keep track of every fuel-related expense and check mileage automatically with our built-in state database.

IFTA Software Like Prophesy Transportation Will Make the Difference in Your Business

The Prophesy Transportation Software suite covers much more than just reporting your taxes. Our product line is powerful, and can be mixed and matched to suit any type of transportation company. We have aimed to make your life easier by creating easy-to-use trucking software that will resolve your paperwork and whiteboard nightmares of the past. We have considered every type of trucking company, and have created a fully functional software suite to suit the specific needs of each company.

 By mixing and matching the relevant modules of our software, you will be able to resolve all of your administrative tracking needs. We have solutions for dispatching trucks, truck maintenance, compliance with codes, accounting that will tie into the accounting programs you are already using, and more. Feel free to contact us for your free consultation, or order more information about our IFTA software and other robust transportation solutions through our online form.