IFTA Software to Make Tax Tracking Simpler

IFTA software can help your dispatch and accounting wrangle one of the bears of any shipping company – IFTA tracking. The International Fuel Tax Association helps regulate shipping taxes on fuel across states. However, because different states often have different tax rates, this tracking process can be a major hassle for any modern shipping company. If you are a small business without powerful software tools, IFTA tracking can require a great deal of time and figuring – not to mention the stress of needing to be accurate to ensure proper compliance with transportation laws.

Enter ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product. With ProphesyOne you can gain integrated IFTA tracking features in your transportation software, letting you easily track and calculate needed tax figures for accurate reporting. Whether you have just a few trucks or a large fleet, ProphesyOne provides you with the customizable tools and power you need in IFTA software to keep your fleet on the road.

Not All Truck Dispatch Software is Created Equal

While most trucking software will allow you to track truck mileage, ProphesyOne gives you the tools you need to properly and easily calculate IFTA taxation without needing to manually figure all of your trucks’ mileage in various states. With mileage tracking in given locations, ProphesyOne can even figure in load weight and fuel use to accurately report mileage in a given area. IFTA tax tables by state are easily downloaded and regularly updated to ensure complete IFTA compliance without needing to worry about the most updated rates. You can even integrate the system into your existing accounting structure, making speedy payment part of the tracking process to ensure that no deadlines or reporting are missed.

IFTA reporting isn’t all that ProphesyOne offers, either. Truck maintenance records can be easily stored and accessed, letting you keep on top of service or spot a lemon in the fleet more quickly. Easy bill and invoice processing lets a quick scan send information to accounting when loads arrive. Route planning tools keep your trucks moving apace without downtime. With ProphesyOne, you gain access to a full host of dispatch tools.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs for IFTA Software

Whether you are a small business starting out, or an established shipping fleet, ProphesyOne can take your bottom line to the next level by giving you powerful, flexible tools. We offer customizable solutions to your dispatch and fleet needs, ensuring that you get the components you want without having to take on unnecessary software. Our consultants work with you to provide a custom solution for your IFTA software requirements.