Tracking IFTA Miles? Make Your Taxation Reports Simple

Trying to keep track of IFTA miles for taxation reporting can be a hassle of epic proportions. With different rates per state, different mileage per state per truck, and changing tax tables, trying to sort through all of this manually can be nearly impossible. Some software suites claim to help with fuel tax reporting, but simply aren’t up to the task of IFTA regulations – or are so time consuming to use that they become as difficult to manage as manual processing.

Enter TaxTally and Prophesy from Mile, a Highjump product, trucking software that is specifically designed to streamline and revolutionize the fuel tax reporting process. With automatic downloads, easily generated forms, and integration into a larger, automated tracking system, your reporting of IFTA miles has never been simpler. Not just another suite of truck dispatch software, Prophesy brings powerful features to your trucking business so you can get the capabilities of a large shipping corporation without having to break your budget.

Automatically Generated Reports Make Tracking IFTA Miles a Breeze

Whether you run out of a regional grouping of states or run vehicles all over the country, Prophesy can help you manage all those miles and different tax rates. Regular, downloadable updates keep your IFTA tables up to date so that your information is always current. Automatically generated state forms make filing simple and easy. Best of all, easy integration with mileage tracking, load management, and fuel tracking means that your taxation reports are easier than ever.

Prophesy also syncs seamlessly with many popular accounting programs, letting your payments, refunds, and reporting go more smoothly and without potential communication or clerical errors. Prophesy is trucking software that helps keep your taxation straight so you can keep trucks on the road and avoid fines and penalties.

More Than Just Taxation

More than just a tax filing program, Prophesy has the flexibility to improve your overall trucking operation. Whether you need transportation software to help keep in touch with your drivers on route changes and new jobs, or whether you need load management to ensure that multiple source loads are managed correctly, Prophesy can help.

You choose the components and features you need and that fit your budget. You can start small and roll out more features as your business grows, or just target areas of your company that you know aren’t working well. Our consultants have decades in the shipping business and will help you find the right software tools for you. IFTA miles or dispatch needs, Prophesy can help.