Fuel Tax Software To Make Taxation Simpler

Keeping track of fuel taxes is one of the main challenges of any dispatch. Fuel tax software can help you manage this difficult task with less time and effort while also increasing reporting accuracy. Prior to the International Fuel Tax Agreement, each state had its own fuel taxation policies. This system was complicated and often difficult to enact, particularly when dealing with long distance trucking companies. IFTA was developed to simplify the process of reporting, paying, and tracking taxes for fuel and shipping. However, this process is still complicated and transportation software can greatly help keep your company on top of IFTA reporting, tracking, and payment. Many companies looking to upgrade their dispatch look for fuel tax software as part of that upgrade. With Mile, a HighJump product, you can gain access to simple, automated tools that make IFTA reporting easy and accurate. You can also integrate a host of other useful tools into your dispatch process to make managing your fleet easier than ever.

Truck Dispatch Software Makes Manual Systems Obsolete

While some dispatches still function on white boards, radios, and careful tracking of each truck, most companies have upgraded to a more digitized and automated method of dispatch management. With Mile, you gain the ability to tailor your dispatch need and your software. Whether you need fuel tax software, truck communication and tracking tools to see if your trucks remain on the road and on the right routes, or need to improve communications, Mile can help. Service records can be easily tracked to keep trucks in compliance with state and federal safety and shipping laws. Even route management and load management can be brought to bear to keep your shipments moving in the most cost-effective manner. Our consultants work with you to ensure that your software does what you need. We even offer an array of installation options, including popular cloud based installations that require only internet-ready devices to let all of your employees see the shipping and transportation plan.

Keep Up With IFTA Regulations Easily And Quickly

Instead of spending time looking up the newest tax tables and calculating mileage per truck, Mile trucking software can do it for you. With mileage tracked more easily than ever before, taxation tables are applied to a truck’s route through states and taxes are automatically calculated. Mile can even keep track of mileage as load weights change. You also never have to worry about the latest tax figures; Mile will download the tables automatically and update accordingly to keep you in compliance. For fuel tax software that finally makes paying taxes a breeze, look to Mile today.