Freight Brokering Software That Manages Your Fleet With Efficiency

Not all freight brokering software is created equal. In fact, most transportation software is designed for single direction transportation from warehouse to consumer or store. Simply put, this freight broker software doesn’t have the capacity or features needed to make freight brokerage efficient and is, at best, an awkward fit that doesn’t offer the power and flexibility you need. Enter Prophesy, a Highjump product – trucking software designed specifically for freight brokerage, with the power you need at a price you can afford. With Prophesy you get freight brokering software that lets you manage multiple clients, multiple destinations, and multiple shipping requirements with ease and clear communication.

Freight Brokering Software That Clarifies Communication

One of the most complicated aspects of freight brokerage is managing the needs of multiple clients while transferring that data to your employees. Your warehouse staff needs to know what to pick, how to place, how to pack, and what to do to meet the requirements of each of your clients. With Prophesy, each client can be assigned specific directions in the system so that your warehouse staff knows precisely the requirements for picking, packing, and set up needed to satisfy each of your customers. Get rid of duplicate forms and white board clerical errors, and automate your warehouse to keep up with your clients’ needs. This clarity even extends to your trucking fleet, allowing for easy communication with drivers when loads change, routes change, or shipments need to be altered. With Prophesy trucking software you get the power to manage your drivers and communicate with them via radio and wireless device, keeping everyone in the loop when a load needs to be shifted or altered to meet demand.

Increase Client Satisfaction With Improved Communication

Keeping your clients happy is one of the main focuses of any company, and in freight brokering, it is the only way to maintain and grow your business. Without information, your clients may become restless and dissatisfied with your service. With Prophesy truck dispatch software, however, you can loop your clients into the shipping process, letting them access accounts remotely to see precisely where the shipping chain stands. Are their goods in the warehouse or on the road? Has a delivery been moved up or altered? Whatever changes are made, your clients are aware of all the critical aspects of the shipping process. This awareness increases client satisfaction and decreases the amount of time your employees spend answering and sending update calls and e-mails. Keep your clients in the loop, your employees up to speed, and your shipments moving at an efficient pace with Prophesy freight brokering software.