Freight broker software simplifies dispatch and carrier management 

For today’s busy freight brokers, freight broker software is the easiest and most efficient way to help manage your carriers without the hassle of piles of paperwork or multiple data entry points. Real time updates and transaction tracking can help you keep your clients, carriers, and shipments in order and under control without hours of devoted manpower and the potential for clerical errors. 

Freight broker software from HighJump provides several features specifically for freight brokers. Whether you manage multiple shipments, carriers and clients, or are focusing on growing your brokerage business, HighJump Prophesy software is transportation software you cannot afford to skip. 

Keep track of loads and shipments with ease 

One major advantage of freight broker software is the simplification of load and shipment tracking and data entry. With separate, non-integrated systems you must enter data multiple times, leading to loss of efficiency and the potential for clerical errors that can cost you time and money. Good trucking software, however, like Prophesy from HighJump, lets you streamline this process with one data entry point that can then be integrated and disseminated into your other systems, including accounting. This simplification also allows for more efficient communication about the loads you are brokering. 

Integrate freight broker software with accounting to keep your billing on track 

One of the most complicated aspects of freight brokering is keeping billing accounts straight and aligned with changes in loads, carriers, delivery times, and shipments. HighJump Prophesy software offers truck dispatch software that can smoothly integrate into your existing counting systems. With Quickbooks, Peachtree, and Sage compatibility, you can attach each load to your current invoicing system and alter and combine invoices as needed. 

Multi-load compatibility lets you combine, split, and alter loads in process, ensuring billing remains accurate even when the necessities of the transportation world change your carrier or load requirements. HighJump Prophesy for brokers is specially designed to accommodate your needs for flexibility and integration into your existing systems. Ultimately, freight broker software lets you manage your clients and accounts with ease, clarity, and efficiency.