Freight Broker Software Designed Specifically For Freight Brokerage

Not all freight broker software is designed for freight brokering – in fact, most trucking software that is put out is designed for single direction warehouses with one start point, one end point, and one fleet. Trying to run a transportation brokerage company with that software is next to impossible when you are trying to manage multiple clients, several fleets of transport, and dozens of different sets of shipping and packing rules.

Enter Prophesy from, a HighJump product. Prophesy is freight broker software that is specifically designed with third party logistics and freight brokerage in mind. Whether you are just starting to computerize and digitize your operations or are looking to grow beyond your current system’s limitations, Prophesy gives you the power and flexibility you need to make your warehousing and logistics operation work for you instead of against you.

Freight Broker Software That Streamlines Communication

The old system of white boards, triplicate forms, and phone calls is outdated and costs you time and money. You need transportation software that lets all the pieces of your brokerage work together with instant and easy to access communication. With Prophesy freight and truck dispatch software, you get the ability to integrate all of the warehousing aspects and transportation pieces that freight brokers commonly use, without having to rely on clunky forms of communication that run your employees ragged.

Data entry at a single point updates along all points of the chain, letting your warehouse know when loads need to be changed or combined, and specifically what rules each of your clients has for their shipments’ storage, packing, and transportation. This single point entry system eliminates costly and confusing clerical errors and increases the accuracy of the shipping process to reduce inventory loss and shipment downtime. Even your clients can get in on the act, logging into an online remote portal to see where their shipments are at any given time.

Scalable to Your Needs and Your Business

Of course, you may want to target just the most vital operations or the operations most in need of improvement first. With Prophesy and Mile, you can choose the components you need, and our consultants will work with you to select the software pieces and implementation process that will have the largest impact on updating your brokerage processes. There is always room to expand later as your business grows. This flexibility gives you freedom to update your shipping process without breaking your budget – and lets you see how truly powerful Prophesy freight broker software really is.