Easy IFTA? It is Possible!

Easy IFTA may sound like an oxymoron – how can a complicated series of tax reports actually be streamlined and made simple? Well, if you are still filing your IFTA taxation manually or have a less-than-stellar filing program, it may be time to upgrade to a program that makes IFTA reporting simple and efficient, all while reducing errors and spent employee hours. With Mile's Prophesy, a HighJump product, you gain access to the esteemed Tax Tally system that allows for simple IFTA reporting and management of all aspects of fleet tracking and mileage. Imagine getting rid of complicated calculations or that program that just won’t sync up with your accounting department. With Prophesy, you get trucking software that gives you the power to really manage your fleet and carriers with ease. Easy IFTA reports? No problem with Prophesy and Tax Tally.

Automated and Streamlined Easy IFTA to Save You Time

If you’ve ever had to figure out mileage per state, miles traveled, and the various other factors that play into IFTA reports, you know that it’s a bear of a task and can take hours of employee time. Furthermore, the importance of these reports makes it vital that they be filed accurately and in a timely manner. With Prophesy, you get the power to do so easily and quickly. In Prophesy, IFTA reports can be automatically downloaded with the latest rates and updates, reducing errors in filing. Mileage per state can be easily pulled from Prophesy’s advanced tracking systems, ensuring that each truck is taxed for fuel in the correct manner. You can even use the program to adjust for weight differentials in loads. All of these capabilities condense into one easy-to-use reporting system that automatically and efficiently calculates your taxes and refunds, and lets you file in a fraction of the time it takes with other programs or when manually calculated. Prophesy transportation software even integrates with your existing accounting systems to make updates and payment even simpler.

More than taxation

Prophesy lets you grow your truck dispatch software beyond taxation, however. With over twenty years of industry experience and expertise, we know what it takes to make software that gives your shipping business the power and flexibility it needs for a price that won’t eviscerate your budget. From dispatch management to load movement and assignment, Prophesy lets you obtain the components you need to grow your business with proven software results that maximize employee efficiency. For easy IFTA reporting – and so much more – look to Prophesy today.