Carrier software that makes managing your fleet simple

Running a trucking dispatch operation is no easy task but with the right carrier software, you can simplify the process of fleet management. Managing trucks on the road, time tables, invoicing, driver schedules, taxation, and maintenance used to require some hefty organizational skills and a mountain of paperwork. Now, powerful trucking software can help you keep track of all the tasks you need to manage, decreasing the time spent on tracking fleet specifications and improving your fleet’s overall efficiency. Not all software for dispatch is created equal, however. With Prophesy software from Mile, a HighJump product, you get access to powerful dispatch tools, customizable software, and the tracking elements you need to keep the fleet side and the paperwork side of dispatch flowing smoothly.

Carrier software that tracks your fleet down to the minute

One of the largest challenges of managing dispatch is keeping track of your trucks, where they are, where they are going, and appropriately managing any changes or alterations to schedules and routes. Prophesy carrier software makes this system easier and more fluid, letting you easily communicate with trucks on the road to keep shipments moving at pace. Seamless, wireless communication keeps drivers up to date with any smart phone style device and allows you to see the location of vehicles and time spent on and off the road. Single-point data entry keeps everyone in the loop with route or shipment changes, letting you enter information once and disseminating it to drivers, warehouse, and even the client to keep everyone up to date on the changes that affect transportation deliveries on a daily basis. Prophesy even offers seamless integration with your accounting system, reducing lost paperwork and clerical errors that keep invoicing from being processed efficiently. With Prophesy truck dispatch software, you can keep on top of every step of the shipment process from the time the load leaves the warehouse to its signed delivery at your client’s door.

Modular to meet your needs

Our Transportation Experts work with you to determine what your critical dispatch problems are, to identify what portions of our software systems will address those problems, and to help you install and implement software that will address your needs. For carrier software that can help you target the problem areas in you dispatch, contact HighJump about Prophesy Dispatch solutions today.