Look No Further For The Best Freight Broker Software

If you are looking for the best freight broker software, look no further than ProphesyOne, a HighJump product, from Mile.com. If you need software that takes into account your unique dispatch and transportation needs as a freight broker, then ProphesyOne is the solution to your transportation software problems.

While many dispatch and trucking software solutions are aimed at single direction transportation companies that work from manufacturer to warehouse, freight brokers have a unique set of requirements to keep their transportation business working smoothly. Multiple clients, loads, destinations and ever-changing routes require double the effort and double the organizational skill. Fortunately, ProphesyOne’s versatility and powerful tools make it the best freight broker software available to help your company grow and overcome organizational hurdles.

Powerful Tools in the Best Freight Broker Software Around

Freight brokers need powerful solutions to keep up with the demands of their clients. Whether you manage a few trucks or a large fleet, keeping track of destinations, multiple loads per truck, route delays, and taxation requirements can take a major toll on your staff and your dispatch. With the right truck dispatch software, however, you can streamline your entire dispatch process to improve both your efficiency and your bottom line.

ProphesyOne offers a number of tools to let you improve your dispatch process, from the standard truck communication software to load matching and management tools that can keep you and your clients updated on the whereabouts of each shipment in real time. Reduce calls to the dispatch with an internet interface that lets your clients keep track of shipments, and manage and reduce travel time with route management software that keeps your fleet moving at top speed. You can even choose modules that help you streamline the invoicing and payment process to keep your accounting staff in the loop.

Modular for Your Needs

Instead of pretending that freight brokers have the same needs as other shipping companies, ProphesyOne and Mile.com recognize the special needs and challenges that freight brokers face. Instead of offering a one-size solution for your software challenges, our consultants work with you to determine critical areas in need of improvement. We identify the software that can help target those areas and work with you and your budget to install and train your employees.

Choose from in-house server installations for all the local power you need, or a more versatile cloud-based option that allows for easy internet-based access to our software tools. Regardless of which components you need to make your dispatch work, ProphesyOne is the best freight broker software available, specifically targeted to your requirements.