Prophesy Truck Driver Management Software Solutions

Driver Management

The complete driver management solution for handling your driver files and navigating the driver hiring process quickly and efficiently.

Driver Hiring, Simplified

Includes 25 DOT mandated forms to simplify the driver hiring process for your trucking company or private fleet.

Easy Alerts

Flags upcoming driver physicals, alcohol and drug testing, driver endorsements, license suspensions, and license expiration dates, as well as owner-operator equipment inspection dates.

Driver Management

Manages all of your driver and applicant paperwork and tracks accidents, driver felonies, driver expiration dates, speeding tickets, license suspensions, failed drug tests and DUIs.

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It has never been easier to recruit / hire good truck drivers and simplify the driver qualification / driver hiring process. With Prophesy DriverTrax your team will efficiently manage driver paperwork, improving your driver retention rate, and ensuring DOT Driver Compliance for your trucking company, brokerage, or private fleet.

  • Simplify your paperwork -  and record keeping so your recruiters can concentrate on finding good drivers.
  • Save time -  and keep your recruiters organized.
  • Track and keep your driver paperwork current - so that your drivers are ready to go when you need them.
  • Advanced reporting functionality -  that will allow you to evaluate, train, and caution your drivers accurately and effectively.
  • Track driver accidents - felonies, tickets, suspensions and DUIs.
  • Easy Import – Allows you to import driver form information into forms and reports.
  • 40 Standard Reports -  to review driver status, endorsements, dates when examinations are due, driving records, terminations and more.
  • Customizable Checklists - Provide user maintainable checklists for hiring drivers.
  • Customizable Security Levels- Allow easy assignment of administrative, inquiry or user rights for security purposes. Provide the 25 DOT forms required during the driver recruiting and hiring process.

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