Prophesy MacroPoint Integration

MacroPoint® Integration

An innovative solution for Freight Brokers and 3PLs directly integrated with Prophesy Dispatch.

Location Tracking for Brokered Loads

MacroPoint provides Transportation Brokers with a way to automatically track loads including arrival, departure from stops and GPS position updates. The seamless interface with Prophesy Dispatch automatically passes load info to the MacroPoint site to eliminate the need for re-entry. The system then automatically brings load data back into Prophesy Dispatch including arrival, departure and position data. Check calls are automatically created in dispatch and load ETA’s are automatically updated. The actual route the driver is taking can also be mapped in the Prophesy Dispatch TMS Software.

Advantages of Using MacroPoint

  • Track 3rd Party Drivers
  • Reduce Outbound/Inbound Phone Calls
  • Fills the Gap of Non Traceable Carriers
  • Automated & Real Time for Reliable Information
  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerting of Loads at Risk
  • Know a Load is Going to be Late Before it Misses, Avoid Penalties
  • Increase Your Scores with Shippers and Grow your Business

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Track your Freight with MacroPoint

  • Automated Location Tracking
  • Maps of Vehicle Locations
  • Breadcrumb Mapping
  • Event Status Updates
  • Off-Schedule Alerts
  • Auto Arrival/Departure Alerting
  • Works on all Cell Phones (Patented)

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  • Pay Per Load
  • Prophesy Integrated
  • No Long Term contracts
  • Patented Technology

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