Prophesy Solutions DriveAxle Integration

DriveAxle Integration

Gain Mobile Scanning Integration between Android Smartphones and Prophesy Dispatch using our integration to DriveAxle by Eleos®

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Your driver simply takes a picture of the document using their smart phone and enters details such as the load number and/or BOL number.


The driver then selects the document type, such as: POD, BOL, Scale Ticket, Freight Bill, Log, Fuel Receipt, Scale Ticket, Invoice, photograph or Other. The image is then sent to the DriveAxle cloud where the image is enhanced using Eleos proprietary image enhancement engine.


The enhanced document is then imported into the Prophesy Dispatch program and is automatically indexed into the Document Imaging module for easy access within the system for faster billing and more efficient fleet operations.

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Drivers are faced with the choice of faxing documents to the office themselves, using a very expensive 3rd party service to scan and email documents from a truck stop, mail or overnight documents to their offices, or hand in documents when they return to the office; all costing the company money and time. This enhancement enables drivers to use their smart phones or tablets to scan documents remotely and immediately send the documents to the Document Imaging module in Prophesy Dispatch without the cost and hassle of faxing and without risking damaged or lost originals.

  • Simply Compliant – Increase compliance by making it easy for your drivers to submit trip documents using their smartphone.
  • Real-time – Access trip documents within Prophesy Dispatch immediately once transmitted via DriveAxle.
  • Organized – trip documents are automatically indexed within document imaging and Prophesy Dispatch
  • Efficient – Speed your billing cycle and eliminate paper shuffle

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