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Document Imaging

Dispatch-Integrated Scanning, Document Imaging, & Rendition Billing Software for Trucking.


Scan all truck, driver, or customer-related paperwork, photos, and hand written or signed documents directly into an organized system for easy retrieval. All critical documentation can easily be associated with tractors, trailers, drivers and customers.


With trip documents available at their fingertips, your team will love the way our document imaging capability saves time and makes their job easier.

Easy to send

With quick access to trucking forms, your team can transmit documents electronically! Simply print, fax documents or email the form your customer or vendor requires, and your work is done.

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Pair your Prophesy Dispatch Software with our powerful scanning & rendition billing interface for the ultimate in document imaging designed for trucking. Scan forms in once, and all of your critical documents (such as Proof of Delivery (POD), Bill of Lading (BOL), Freight Bills, Confirmation Receipt, and other critical trucking documents) are available at your fingertips and viewable on-screen within Prophesy Dispatch, on demand! Your Dispatch team will never waste time searching for load paperwork again.

  • Built for Transportation - Scanning software developed exclusively for the freight transportation industry
  • Flexible - Scan various types of documents (POD, BOL, etc,)
  • Accurate Index & Search – Index and search each image by invoice number 
  • Easy Access - Pull your scanned documents directly from the dispatch system, there's no need for an external search application.
  • Multi-Page Capability - Scan one document or a batch of documents, supports multi-page documents
  • Easy to Send - Print, fax or email documents as attachments right from within the system
  • Visibility Controls - Zoom in/out, resize, rotate or invert your image with the touch of a button!
  • Customer Preferences - Establish unique image-based billing requirements for each customer

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