Trucking Software for Small Companies Can Help Your Business Grow

If you are a growing transportation business, trucking software for small companies can help you grow your business. Whether you are just starting out or have always maintained a small profile, you have special software needs versus larger companies. Trucking software for large companies may have features you don't need or want, or may be too expensive or cumbersome to suit your small profile business plan.

Your transportation business, however, still needs powerful, versatile, and useful tools. Choosing the right software can be difficult depending on your needs. If you need software that is tailored to your small business for an attainable and affordable software solution, you need ProphesyOne from Accellos, a HighJump product. With ProphesyOne you get industry-backed experience, powerful tools, and a customizable installation process that delivers exactly what you need: powerful trucking software for small companies within your budget.

Truck Dispatch Software That Gives You Powerful Communication

ProphesyOne features tools that you need to support and grow your transportation services. From powerful dispatch tools that increase employee communication to mileage tracking, we have your needs covered. ProphesyOne allows you to keep tabs on your entire fleet, get your dispatch running smoothly, and eliminate unnecessary data entry and lost employee time on transferring information from one point to the next.

With our software, you can eliminate needless paperwork and clerical errors by automating your dispatch processes, and keep better track of your trucks’ routing while they’re on the road. You can even automate and streamline the IFTA taxation process by tracking mileage and fuel used across states. With ProphesyOne transportation software, you get the powerful tools you need to manage the minutiae of trucking and transportation.

Trucking Software for Small Companies That Fits Your Needs

Instead of taking large corporation software and scaling it to fit a smaller business, ProphesyOne is designed for your small business needs. Our consultants work with you to identify areas of critical need that our software can address, and help you build your components based on your requirements.

There are no needless modules you won’t use. No complete restructure of your systems. No push to override your bottom line and your wallet. Whether you want to tap into your own internal server or to utilize cloud-based software, we can help. Start with the areas that you want to target and expand later as your business grows, all with an eye toward your needs and your budget. With ProphesyOne from Accellos, you get trucking software for small companies that is actually designed for small companies.