Truckload carrier companies need a transportation management system 

In the modern age, trying to keep track of your transportation logistics can be a bear. With a transportation management system, however, you can tame the beast and grow your transport company with efficient and money-saving technology. 

The Prophesy software suite from HighJump has been specifically designed with the flexibility and power to help your transportation systems grow and thrive. Our transportation management system offers the ability to streamline and organize your transportation data and integrate it with your current systems quickly and easily. 

A transportation management system that helps you manage your expenses 

One of the main benefits of trucking software like Prophesy, a HighJump product, is the ability to integrate it into your current accounting systems for greater accounting power. Track loads as they are entered into the system, and make quick and easy updates as loads and shipments merge, split, or change. 

Designed with input from veterans of the trucking and freight brokerage industry, the Prophesy system has the built-in flexibility to let you alter your shipments as needed, without having to create new invoices, receiving orders, or other paperwork. This one-time data entry solution both simplifies your transactions and ensures that fewer errors are made as you process loads. 

Furthermore, Prophesy can be smoothly integrated into existing accounting systems. This capability lets you use your standard billing codes, matching loads and jobs to your existing PO and invoicing formats in a real-time process that ensures timely billing and invoicing. Our transportation software even lets you create customizable and easy to use rate quotes by piece or lot, pallet and flat shipping, and a variety of other options specific to the shipping industry. With this easily customizable interface and design, your payments will go out in a timely and efficient manner and become even easier to receive. 

Track all the facets of your transportation company 

Prophesy transportation software is designed around the premise of needing flexibility and power to complete a wide range of transit jobs and tasks. Whether you need a secure interface that can be set up with various security levels to allow for different employees to access the system, or a system flexible enough that even your clients can log into a secure website to track shipments and confirm receipt, Prophesy can fulfill your needs. Prophesy even provides options for tracking your trucks, trailers, and drivers to maximize efficiency. For the best and most flexible transportation management system, Prophesy software from HighJump can take your transportation business to the next level.