Transportation Management System Software to Grow Your Business

Transportation brokerage can be one of the most complicated business plans out there, which is why good transportation management system software is an important factor in organizing and growing your business. Without good transportation management software, manual data entry, multiple data entry points, and duplicate forms can eat up your employees’ time and energy, cause costly errors, and can decrease customer and client satisfaction due to delayed or disorganized shipments.

Software can help you make the entire shipping, warehousing, and carrier process simpler and more efficient, but not every software suite is created equal. You need trucking software designed specifically for freight brokers. You need Prophesy, a Highjump product, by, software specifically tailored to the needs of freight brokers. With Prophesy as your transportation management system software, you get the powerful tools you need to grow your shipping business.

Transportation Management System Software That Integrates With Existing Components

You don’t want to – or need to – upgrade every part of your brokerage operation. Your accounting system works fine. Maybe other pieces of your system are already working well and ingrained in your daily work load management. With Prophesy, you gain the flexibility to integrate the pieces and components you need, instead of having to buy a one-size-fits-all package. Easily integrated with many popular and existing accounting programs, there is no need to worry about having to re-enter all your data or learn a new accounting system.

With Prophesy, your accounting and shipping management become seamlessly integrated to allow for efficiency in receiving, invoicing, and billing. Our consultants will work with you to determine which components are critical to improving efficiency and growing your business, so you can start out within your budget and without tools you don’t need.

Manage Multiple Loads and Multiple Carriers With Ease

Prophesy gives you the power to manage multiple loads, multiple clients, and multiple carriers with ease. Single point data entry populates throughout the system, eliminating costly and time-consuming clerical errors, and increasing efficiency. With integrated dispatch and accounting, you can manage the best cost for client’s loads.

Prophesy truck dispatch software also lets you simply manage partial loads, multi-source loads, and moving and rearranging shipping needs, whether your drop off time has changed or a location has altered. Whatever changes need to be made to a given shipment or load can be easily viewed by all your employees from billing to warehousing to the driver, ensuring consistency and efficient management with transportation software. For the best transportation management system software for brokers, look to Prophesy today.