A Transportation Management System That Keeps You In Compliance

With ever-changing regulations and the complexity of transportation needs, a transportation management system may be what you need to keep your trucking business in compliance. Trucking compliance is a critical part of running your transportation business. There are numerous tools on the market for communication, tax tables, and invoicing software but unless those tools are tailored to your needs, they may not always fit the bill and could leave you dangerously out of compliance with state and federal laws. You need a transportation management system that is specifically suited to trucking and transport. With ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product, you gain access to powerful transportation software tools, all designed specifically with the transportation industry and compliance in mind.

Track mileage and tax tables simply with the right trucking software

International Fuel Tax Agreement, or IFTA, compliance is one of the bears of managing transportation. With different rates paid in different states and all organized per mile, your truckers will have to be careful about tracking their mileage. ProphesyOne can help to simplify this. With easy mileage tracking broken down by state and location, you have an exact measurement of mileage for fuel consumption, IFTA taxation, and reporting needs. With our auto-updated tax tables, your IFTA tax has never been simpler to figure out, eliminating errors and costly fees.

ProphesyOne’s mileage tracker also helps ensure that you are getting the best profit on each run, keeping miles to a minimum and delivering loads in the most efficient manner possible. You can even spot maintenance worries if mileage in a truck substantially changes possibly indicating a repair need. For a small truckload carrier trying to keep tabs on these important details, ProphesyOne provides powerful transportation management system tools.