Flexible And Powerful Transportation Management Solutions

For trucking companies, finding the right transportation management solutions to manage a growing fleet can be a challenge. While there are many software suites on the market, not all of them are geared toward the growing mid-size fleet. At Mile, a HighJump product, we understand that you need powerful dispatch and truck management tools to keep your trucks dispatched accurately and delivering on time. With Mile, you gain access to flexible software solutions that you can tailor to your needs, all while keeping your budget and growth plan in mind. From truck tracking to IFTA calculations, you can gain access to all of the tools you need to keep your clients happy and your trucks on the road with transportation management solutions that work.

Transportation Software Customized To Your Needs

For many businesses, the hindrance in upgrading dispatch and trucking software is that software doesn’t meet the needs of the company. With every penny needing to be accounted for, it is critical that you find software that accomplishes the upgrades you require to grow your transportation business. Fortunately, transportation management solutions from Mile are easily customizable to your needs. While our software is ready to go out of the box, you can also choose to work with our consultants to add modules, apps, or services that can improve or change the software performance. Because of this, Mile works for the freight broker just as easily as it works for direct shipper companies. Truck tracking, taxation and paperwork management, and communication tools are just some of the solutions you’ll find in Mile truck dispatch software. Our consultants will work with you to determine your budget, your areas of critical need, and your growth plan and work from there to give you needed solutions.

Manage All Aspects Of Your Dispatch

Mile excels in covering all the tools you need to automate and improve your dispatch operation. Your fleet is your source of income; deliveries must be made in a timely manner and arrive to your clients safely and with accuracy. Mile’s tools let you keep track of each and every shipment without having to spend hours on the radio “checking in” with drivers. Mileage can be easily tracked for fuel tax calculation and with automated tax tables, your taxes are more accurate and simple than ever. Even your clients can get up to the minute tracking information to improve overall communication and customer satisfaction. If your dispatch is not running smoothly and you need transportation management solutions that work, contact Mile today.