How TMS Systems Can Help Your Transportation Efficiency

Efficiency in your dispatch system is the key to improving your bottom line and TMS systems can help. A good transportation management software system can streamline your existing dispatch system, helping to keep track of your fleet and automating processes that currently eat up employee resources while creating mountains of paperwork. There are several features that you can look for it you are considering TMS systems for your office. You need a system that is powerful and flexible to give you the tools that you want and need. You also need a system that suits your business type – whether you are a manufacturer direct shipper or a third party shipper. Lastly, you need software that gives you tools that actually make your dispatch run more efficiently. With ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product, you gain access to all of the above and more.

Trucking software that gets the job done

With ProphesyOne there is no end to the number of powerful tools you can choose from to help your dispatch work more smoothly. From truck communication and tracking systems that let you communicate easily with drivers, to information management that lets data be entered at single-point entry and disseminated, to all pertinent employees and clients, ProphesyOne makes communication and tracking as easy as a few simple clicks. Track mileage per truck and even mileage per load if you run multiple load shipments. Make sure your drivers are staying on route and on time. You can even keep clients in the loop with an online web interface that allows for real-time shipping updates so there is no waiting around for the loading dock crew to show up when the shipment arrives. Even invoicing and paperwork become integrated with electronic signing features, automatic tax table tallying, and the ability to digitally process paperwork to your accounting department. With ProphesyOne transportation software, your entire dispatch process can save time.

TMS systems built to your specifications and need

Where ProphesyOne excels most in its flexibility. You can find truck dispatch software with powerful tools in several software suites. Of them, however, ProphesyOne is the one customized to your needs and your budget. We do not offer a one-sized-fits all solution because there is no one-sized-fits all shipper. Every transportation company has unique needs, unique budgets, and unique areas that need improvement. Our consultants will work with you to establish your areas of weakness and propose software solutions that will work to target those areas. With ProphesyOne, you have the power to choose the software you want instead of TMS systems that offer options that are not useful to you.