TMS Freight Software That Streamlines Your Shipping Process

TMS freight software can really help expedite shipping and streamline your shipping process as a freight broker. Not all transportation software is created equal, however, and much of it is not designed to deal with the specific needs of brokerage shipping. You need a program that is ready built to manage numerous clients, multiple client needs and shipping regulations, and handle incoming and outgoing shipments and trucking needs.’s Prophesy, a HighJump product, is the perfect solution for TMS freight software, designed by experts with decades of experience in professional shipping and professional freight brokering. With Prophesy you can automate several portions of your shipping process, increase communication and efficiency, and decrease inventory loss, lost mileage and taxation errors.

Increased Inventory Precision and Customer Satisfaction

Trucking software for a broker needs to fulfill several functions, among them increased efficiency and higher yields. With Prophesy truck dispatch software you can manage your inventory more directly, easily placing incoming items and allowing for your employees to know precisely what goods are being shipped out, where to find them, and how your client wants them packaged. From there, your drivers can easily manage loads, even if they frequently change, and you get to stay up to date on where goods are in relation to your warehouse or trucking fleet.

In short, there’s no more need for duplicate forms or a white board that your dispatch can barely keep up with. Everything is entered once into the system and can be viewed by drivers, warehouse employees, or managers to streamline the entire shipping process. Even your clients can get in on the game, accessing their orders from a remote site so that they know where their order is in the shipping process. Lessen the hassle for your employees who have to answer a million client questions, and increase client satisfaction and awareness all with one easy-to-use program in Prophesy.

Streamlined TMS Freight Software That Fits Your Business Model and Budget

We know that your budget may not let you have every feature right away. With Prophesy, you pick your critical areas of need and target those with your trucking dispatch software and application choices. Expand later as your business grows, or simply start small until you’re sure that our truck dispatch software is the solution you need. Our consultants will help you choose the configuration and options that will work best for you. Best of all, Prophesy readily integrates into your existing computer system and with most current and popular accounting software. No hassle, no weeks of setup, and better communication and efficiency with TMS freight software from