Logistics Software Companies That Specialize in Transportation Needs

Supply chain logistics software companies are not all created equal. You need a company that understands good, efficient software design coupled with one that understands the shipping and distribution business, and a company that values your needs and budget. For your transportation software needs, turn to Miles and Prophesy, a renowned truck broker software suite built specifically for transportation management needs.

We understand the needs of supply chain logistics, which is why Prophesy provides the flexible, powerful tools you need to run a warehouse and brokering system efficiently and with minimal error. Best of all, Prophesy is tailored to you. Get the components you need and the systems you want without breaking the budget on software solutions that don’t benefit your growing shipping business. With Mile and Prophesy, a Highjump Product, you get support and sales from logistics software companies that understand your needs.

Load Management and Client Management That Keeps Your Clients Happy

With Prophesy, you get load management that most logistics trucking software companies don’t provide for. Mile recognizes that the needs of freight brokers differ from a straight warehouse to distribution shipper. You have multiple routes, multiple clients, multiple carriers, and multiple loads to manage, and most software simply can’t keep up.

Prophesy, in contrast, was designed to support brokers who need to manage and frequently change loads for the best carrier management possible. Whether you need to move partial loads, group loads onto one carrier, change routes, or change delivery or pick up options, our truck dispatch software lets you do so and keeps all of your employees in the loop. Even your clients can get in the game, accessing shipping information to keep them up to date and satisfied without hours spent answering calls and questions. Convenient web-platform access even lets you manage loads remotely for your employees or brokers on the road.

Logistics Software Companies With the Expertise You Need

With over twenty years in supply chain management and shipping software, Mile is an industry leader and specialist in truck dispatch software, broker software, and other shipping-related software. We know that you need powerful tools – even if you aren’t the biggest shipping business in the country. Our in-depth understanding of shipping management shows in our systems and lets you completely personalize and choose the transportation software you need to grow your business. Our friendly and professional consultants will happily work with you to determine the best fit for your needs. Don’t trust other logistics software companies to understand your shipping specialty – trust Mile and Prophesy software today.