Commercial Driving Directions Need More Details Than Your Average GPS Map

Commercial driving directions are not as easy to obtain as just using Google Maps or Mapquest. If you are planning a family trip, you can simply plug your destination into your smart phone or GPS unit and off you go. For commercial drivers, however, this process is more complicated. Route planning is an important part of a driver’s routine – routes must be safe, feature the lowest tolls possible, and be able to handle the weight of the truck and the freight it carries. Add to this a need to track mileage, fuel, and various other factors for both business purposes and IFTA tax reporting, and taking a truck up the street is a lot more complicated than most people realize. In the transportation business, the tracking and planning are often left to dispatch and the drivers to communicate and design. Trucking software can help alleviate mapping and dispatch concerns, providing your drivers with clear commercial driving directions. With Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product, you can access powerful dispatch and routing tools to make any trip smooth and profitable.

Routes Designed For Commercial Drivers

With integration with Rand McNally and easy to use GPS coordinates and mapping features, Sky Track Mobile provides a powerful platform within Prophesy truck dispatch software to help route and direct your trucks. Routes can be set to avoid low-weight bearing roads, to take clearance into account, and to offer the lowest tolls, best mileage and best use of your trucks’ time to get where they need to go. These routes are specifically designed for use as commercial truck driving directions, and with the use of Prophesy, dispatch and drivers can work to choose the safest and best routes possible. Meanwhile, the Sky Track system will track mileage, fuel use, and other factors that will make later IFTA and fuel reporting even easier than it was to route the truck.

Commercial Driving Directions and Clear Communication

Of course, even with a good route, drivers need to stay in touch with dispatch. With Prophesy transportation software, your dispatch and drivers can remain in touch no matter where your fleet travels. Up to the minute location updates allow both driver and dispatch to communicate clearly, with an estimated time of arrival that constantly updates. The truck’s load remains clearly accessible to dispatch to answer any questions that may arise. Meanwhile, the entire system integrates easily with existing accounting, making signing the bill of lading, invoicing, and payment seamless and easy for both your business and your clients. Prophesy is the perfect software for commercial driving directions; and so much more.