Prophesy IFTA Fuel Tax Rates

TaxTally Fuel Tax Update

NEED HELP WITH THE UPDATE? View our tutorial video here.

The following fuel tax update is available to Prophesy TaxTally customers with an active Prophesy CompleteCare subscription. To complete this update you will need the password that was emailed or faxed to you by Prophesy.

For help with installing this update, a tutorial video is available here. If you need further assistance or did not receive the password, please open a support ticket.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are running any version of TaxTally lower than 7.8.01, you must contact Prophesy Support before beginning this update, via our online helpdesk or at 800-776-6707. You can check your version by opening TaxTally and clicking Help > About in the menu.

Additional downloads might be required depending on your version of TaxTally.

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If you do not have a PDF reader, click here to download a free copy of Adobe Reader®.

Important Note for Adobe Reader Users

If you use the latest version of Adobe Reader, you might be unable to open IFTA forms due to Adobe’s new security features. To fix this issue:

  1. In Adobe Reader, click Edit > Preferences.
  2. Select the Security (Enhanced) category at the left.
  3. Uncheck the Enable Protected Mode at Startup and Enable Enhanced Security checkboxes.
  4. Click OK. The changes will take effect next time you open Adobe Reader.

Important Installation and Filing Reminders

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