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The Top 5 Time Killers in Transportation

For growing trucking companies and brokerage operations, the simple manual processes that once served the business well in the early days, can become a millstone around the neck as business picks up in pace, quantity, and compliance obligations. Minor drains on time can quickly add up to significant amounts in lost dollars and render a negative effect on the company’s bottom line.

A recent poll of small to mid-size trucking and brokerage companies identified the following areas as the top five where bottlenecks typically occur. These are also the same areas where the most costly oversights can occur if left unchecked.

These process used to work just fine, but in this whitepaper you will learn how to correct:

  • Creating Invoices Manually
  • Manually Calculating Customer Charges
  • Driver/Carrier Pay Calculation
  • Managing Safety and Compliance Manually
  • Managing Paperwork

These drains on time are significant, and are increasingly recognized by industry experts as a threat to transportation companies of this size.

If you are still using one of the above process, download this whitepaper to see why Prophesy has the solutions for you.

Prophesy Transportation Solutions offers both web-based and stand-alone systems to fit any customer’s need. More than 12,500 trucking companies, brokers, and 3PLs have chosen industry-preferred Prophesy Transportation Solutions software to handle growth, increase revenue, and maximize profits.

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The Top 5 Time Killers in Transportation Whitepaper

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