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Maximizing the Benefits of a Combination Carrier & Brokerage Business

As a carrier owner, you rarely complain about being busy. Customers are happy, employees are productive, and your bottom line is healthy. But sometimes a customer calls for a load and you’re out of trucks. Or you can’t meet their deadline with the resources you have. As a result, you may be considering or are actively implementing a brokerage business so you don’t have to turn away customers – or lose revenue that could be yours.

Whether you are implementing a brokerage business now or plan to in the future, choosing the right TMS will be critical to ensuring efficient, accurate, and profitable operations.

This whitepaper will layout the information needed in choosing the right TMS.

  • Benefits of a Combination Carrier/Brokerage Business
  • Knowing the Hurdles
  • Maximizing both Businesses with the right Software
  • The Bottom Line: Trust
  • The Proven Solution for Transportation

Prophesy Transportation Solutions offers both web-based and stand-alone systems to fit any customer’s need. More than 12,500 trucking companies, brokers, and 3PLs have chosen industry-preferred Prophesy Transportation Solutions software to handle growth, increase revenue, and maximize profits.

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Maximizing the Benefits of a Combination Carrier & Brokerage Business Whitepaper

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