Get the Most Out of Your Trucking Management Software with Prophesy, a HighJump Product

When it comes to the flow of your dispatch operations, management of freight billing, and useful transportation solutions, Prophesy transportation software, a HighJump Product, has you covered. Prophesy’s integrated transportation software is like no other trucking software company in the business. We have been proudly producing fully integrated and progressive trucking management software and highly compatible trucking dispatch software to thousands of satisfied customers for over 20 years.

As a trusted leader in the trucking software industry, our Prophesy line gives you full freedom and integrated tools needed in quality trucking business software. From dispatch to freight management to daily trucking operations, get in control with our quality transportation dispatch software and other total trucking solutions. Now you can grow your business, integrate cutting edge solutions and reach better success with Prophesy’s trucking management software.

Serving Our Valued Customers with a Total Trucking Solution

If you are struggling in your trucking or asset based fleet business, Prophesy has the trucking logistics software solution for you. With our highly customizable trucking business software, you can better organize your work and easily develop a far more efficient and streamlined operations procedure for your business. Many of our customers have experienced a plethora of problems that they needed help with before trying our trucking management software. Some might have had a simple pen and paper system that was very tedious to keep up with. Others may have struggled with organization and may have had a hard time keeping track of inventory. The process of manually entering in everything for invoicing, billing, and other accounting tasks, can easily take hours and pull you away from growing your business. Or perhaps they already used their own trucking company software but it simply wasn’t working for them. With Prophesy, we allow you to get back to what matters most in your business.

Our trucking management software solutions allow you to easily collect and maintain your database of not only customer information, but also driver information, and equipment inventory. With our transportation dispatch software solutions, you are able to quickly dispatch crucial details to your drivers in the field as well as receive important information needed for operations. Concerned about scheduling? No worries! With Prophesy’s trucking logistics software, you can easily plan your schedules and coordinate your business routes with ease. Looking for an accounting solution? No problem! Our trucking business software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro, making your job that much easier. With Prophesy, we provide a software solution that serves as one main and convenient source for all your software solution needs. To streamline your business, increase productivity, become more efficient, and grow, you need Prophesy on your side.

Prophesy’s trucking management software strives to keep you ahead of the game with new fully integrated products that you can even integrate with the software you may be already using. Also, our products are fully customizable, allowing you to easily tailor the software to meet your specific business or industry needs. Plus, our trucking company software products are extremely user friendly so everyone who works within our software can easily navigate and communicate with efficient ease. With Prophesy, we work with you, for you.

The Difference in Prophesy's Trucking Business Software

With Prophesy, you can integrate the software that you already use into our software. Our products have also been widely recognized by leaders within the transportation industry. Having delivered over 25,000 software products to more than 10,000 private and public fleets, it is clear to see why we are like no other trucking company software solution out there. When it comes to selling integrated transportation dispatch software that works with you and gives you the freedom to also utilize mobile communications products at the fastest pace in the business, choose Prophesy as your trucking logistics software solution.

Many of our customers are glad they made the change to Prophesy. If your old system is manually operated and antiquated, it will be hard to keep up, especially if you want to grow your business. We are always forward thinking and looking ahead, offering you trucking business software that works with you. Our Prophesy line of products offers an array of options for every trucking business software need. No matter what your business is, we are confident we have the solution for you. Let’s take a closer look at our transportation dispatch software solutions and its many valuable uses.

Dispatch Solutions for Truckload Carriers

Our transportation dispatch software is the most powerful and affordable Windows-based dispatch system for trucking companies today. Able to easily integrate with QuickBooks accounting software, our trucking logistics software is designed to eliminate manual tasks that used to take hours to complete. Now you can tackle tasks like Driver Settlements, Revenue Bills of Lading, Driver Advances, and Driver Pay with complete ease. You can even import data directly from your Fuel Card provider. Our trucking company software is truly an all-in-one dispatch solution. Critical information remains static so you never have to enter it in again and it flows in real time across every area of your business. With such maximized efficiency, you can count on immediately improved, freight billing, driver settlements, and dispatch operations. It is truly like no other trucking management software out there.

You can also quickly quote rates to both new and existing customers. Easily set up customer specific rating, based on Flat, CPM, CWT, TON, Pallet and Piece rates. Also automatically or manually add variable or fixed surcharges to base rates as needed. Enjoy seamless accounting, easy truck and trailer tracking, and reduce administrative errors and unnecessary paperwork—all with flexible security settings. The convenience and benefit of our trucking company software for truckload carriers is virtually limitless. Experience a comprehensive solution for dispatch and accounting as a combined force. All of this and more is yours with Prophesy for only a fraction of the price of traditional systems. Both accounting and dispatchers can work in tandem for a much smoother operation system. Also, with our traditional Dispatch software, we provide an automated, online dispatch option available that operates by a “pay as you go” basis. This amazing trucking management software option only requires a reliable internet connection and minimal set up. It’s trucking business software simplified!

Dispatch for Combination Carrier Brokers

Our transportation dispatch software is designed for multi-company transportation operations. With this trucking company software Prophesy Dispatch provides a central solution that lets you manage every area of your trucking and freight brokerage operations. This is a trucking company software solution that allows for advanced multi-company functionality, which will streamline all sides of your transportation operation, while keeping each of their accounting functions separate for crucial reporting purposes. You also get superior driver and carrier management through tools such as driver credential tracking, equipment scheduled maintenance tracking, and cash and advance management. As with our traditional transportation dispatch software solution, you will also be able to integrate with QuickBooks accounting, and Intuit QuickBooks Pro for progressive handling of invoices, commissions, and other important accounting functions. It is also compatible with Peachtree’s Sage 50 software and MAS accounting software. Now you can do more with our fully integrative trucking management software.

Our valuable Quick Load Entry feature enables you to load information quickly and easily right on our user friendly interface. With our Easy Load Tendering feature, you can simply transmit load information to your carriers right through our system. The Easy Load Posting function lets you access available loads and post them quickly and efficiently. The Multi-shipment Function gives you the power to combine shipments onto one single load and then accurately bill all customers with ease. No more individual processing! On top of that, with our Integrated Document Imaging tool, you can also access load documents right inside the system and easily assign them to customer records. Lastly, with remote Agent Security, you have the ability to assign varying levels of access to your remote agents. This way you can stay secure while still communicating as needed. A simple, streamlined trucking logistics software solution is what you get with Prophesy.

Dispatch for Freight Brokers

Our transportation dispatch software for freight brokers is also specifically designed for the busy freight brokerage companies of today. As a focal resolution for those managing the constant demands of freight management, Prophesy’s comprehensive truck dispatch software allows you to confidently manage every area of your freight brokerage operation. As with Combination Carrier Brokers, Prophesy strives to be your all-in-one trucking management software solution. With Prophesy, you get an unparalleled standard of efficiency paired with the profit you desire. From truckload or LTL for-hire carriers, to brokers, or private fleets, Prophesy's transportation dispatch software offers the valuable trucking business software solution you need.

Experience top level carrier management capabilities that let you fully integrate with not only QuickBooks Pro, but also Sage 50 by Peachtree and MAS 90 / MAS 200 accounting software. With Prophesy's powerful and user friendly accounting interface, all of your critical accounting information will flow automatically through our trucking logistics software. Rest assured that we have you covered!

Dispatch for LTL Carriers

For Less Than Truckload or LTL carriers, Prophesy offers you the complete transportation management software precisely built for carrier operations. If you seek a trucking company software that will streamline your operations, cut your costs, and improve your bottom line, look no further than our transportation dispatch software for all of your needs as an LTL carrier. With our trucking logistics software solution, you can easily organize, dispatch, and expedite all your trucking operations. Easily and automatically organize your pickups and shipment consolidations, dispatch and monitor with consideration to least days en route and cost routing, and expedite all of your paperwork for efficient payment to your contract carriers.

Our trucking logistics software solutions for LTL Carriers gives you expert communication and visibility with our automated shipment status notifications and comprehensive electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities. You can also enjoy simplified order entry with recurring order templates. Manage important forms and more with simple, one-click order creation, web order entry options and more. Plus, you will be able to take advantage of robust rating, linked into the order entry. On top of that, manage your orders easily with our status driven tools that let you conduct comprehensive order searches and quickly locate shipments when needed. With Prophesy, you have the tools you need for every scenario that comes your way.

With our comprehensive carrier management feature, you gain simple access to carrier ratings. Driver/Truck/Trailer Management give you tools like driver credential tracking (for items such as CDL, Hazmat medical card, etc.), equipment scheduled maintenance, and tracking cash and advance management. For your important accounting and invoicing needs, our trucking business software lets you integrate with popular accounting software. Now, you can easily track and all accounting processes seamlessly. In addition, you also get powerful reporting capabilities that let you integrate with Excel, Reporting Services, and Crystal Reports. With our LTL transportation dispatch software solution, you also get access to an inclusive library of standard KPI reports.

As with our other trucking business software solutions, Prophesy strives to be your one stop trucking solution. With our trucking management software, Prophesy is all you will need to run your LTL trucking business. Now, you can easily optimize your operations and have a more efficient and reliable delivery process with Prophesy, for your LTL carrier business. You also have the option of our fully automated online dispatch option, in addition to our traditional transportation software for LTL carriers. With an internet connection and minimal set up, you can be up and running without the need for additional hardware or software installation.

Beyond Just any Trucking Company Software

Are you ready to streamline and integrate your dispatch and accounting departments, while successfully managing all of your operational needs in your trucking business? With Prophesy, you can save time, streamline your business, cut costs, and focus on growing your business. From more efficient payroll handling, to efficient dispatch, to fleet management, Prophesy has the answer. Our trucking management software offers powerful features that will help you to be more productive and progressive, all at an affordable price. That’s the Prophesy difference.