Use Trucking Accounting Software to Improve Your Business

Whether you run your own fleet or are a transportation broker or some other type of transportation business, trucking accounting software can help you improve your operations, efficiency, and reputation. With paper and phone systems, greater chances for error and miscommunication can hamper your business growth. Why should customers trust a shipper that can’t properly track invoicing or billing? How can you streamline your invoicing and transportation processes to work together without wasting company time and resources? Prophesy from HighJump allows you to fully integrate your accounting and transportation software, simplifying shipping whether you own and operate your own fleet or are brokering shipments for clients.

Trucking Accounting Software That Integrates With Existing Programs

One thing to be cautious of is software that requires buying several components you don’t need, or requires you to buy separate accounting software. Why should you need to buy completely new software to do what your accounting program already successfully does? If you are using a Windows- based accounting program or QuickBooks, you likely already have a successful accounting system. The key is, however, integrating that system with your shipping and warehousing systems. With Prophesy, trucking accounting software from HighJump, you do not need to purchase additional or new accounting software. Prophesy integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting programs, eliminating the need to purchase further proprietary software. Instead of removing data from your existing system, risking error on repeated entries and re-entries, simply transfer your customer and transportation data from your accounting system into Prophesy and blend the functions of your dispatched loads with billing, invoicing, and receiving. Now, completed loads bill quickly and easily, with instant tracking for both your employees and clients. With Prophesy, you don’t need to worry about purchasing software you don’t need; simply pick and choose the functions that best suit your company’s requirements.

Versatility is the Name of the Transportation Game

Prophesy remains one of the most powerful and versatile trucking software programs available, letting you select the features you need to make your business succeed. Choose from truck maintenance and tracking programs ideal for fleet managers or owner operators, or from transportation management that streamlines the load selection and management process. Prophesy’s versatility means that you can choose the options you need without making program usage complicated and clunky, or taking up valuable computer processing time. With years of experience in providing transportation companies what they need, HighJump and are ideally suited to bringing you a software program that meets the transportation needs of your business. For the best in trucking accounting software that won't break your budget and still brings you powerful tools, look to HighJump and today.