CTW Transport Experienced Growth with Prophesy Software

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Key Benefits

  • Transition from whiteboard dispatching to comprehensive trucking software
  • Integration with existing QuickBooks accounting system
  • Cost-effective solution
  • More ef´Čücient organization for dispatching and accounting teams
  • Experienced growth
  • Added modules for multi-company and brokerage operations, EDI, commercial mileage & routing, fuel tax reporting, driver log auditing, driver management, fuel card import, customer web portal, and document imaging

CTW Transport Experienced Growth with Prophesy Software

CTW Transport, Inc. was founded by Costas Flessas over 20 years ago in Peabody, Massachusetts. At the time of founding, CTW Transport consisted of one truck and two employees. Today, CTW is staffed by over 20 employees and runs a fleet of over 25 trucks, plus a brokerage division. The company specializes in hauling refrigerated foods for companies including, but not limited to Sysco®, Stonyfield Farm® and Dannon® to the southeastern United States and areas in California.

CTW used manual methods such as a whiteboard as well as pencil and paper to handle dispatching and accounting for years before the staff decided to research TMS Software solutions. CTW executives had discussed investing in a dispatching software program for quite some time before they made the jump.

Costas, together with Lisa, reviewed a customized software solution as well as five other programs during the research process. After much consideration, they decided to contact the sales team at Prophesy to learn more about industry-preferred Prophesy Dispatch. After reviewing additional information on Prophesy Dispatch, Lisa set up a demonstration of the solution with National Sales Manager Kevin Pasternack.

Soon after the purchase, the CTW Transport staff attended web-based training sessions with Training and Implementation Consultant, Steve Knauber. Later that year, CTW Transport brought Steve into their office to better learn the company’s day-to-day workings.

CTW has grown since implementing Prophesy DispatchSeries and currently runs a 9-user license of Prophesy Dispatch with QuickBooks integration, SQL Server interface and Multi-Company and Brokerage modules. They also use Prophesy modules for EDI, Mileage and Routing, IFTA tax preparation, driver log auditing, driver management, electronic fuel card import, customer web portal and document imaging.

More trucking companies use a Prophesy software solution than any other brand on the market today – quite simply because we have built the industry’s leading total trucking software solution, designed to manage every facet of a growing trucking operation for both public and private fleets, with integrated, comprehensive and easy-to-use features that ensure unsurpassed efficiency and greater profit. For more than 20 years, the Prophesy name has represented quality, reliability and affordability for the trucking industry. Our products offer reliable control over daily trucking operations, yet are easy for growing trucking companies and other fleet operations to implement, integrate and afford. This approach allows our users to build upon their total solution as their needs grow.

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