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“I can’t say it enough: I owe it all to the software, when I talk to other companies still struggling because they’re doing things the old-fashioned way, I say, ‘Man, you’ve got to start using Prophesy.’”

- Raymond Barse

Prophesy Expands Business for Barse Trucking

It is hard to imagine that Barse Trucking, with its fleet of flatbeds servicing the Southeastern U.S. and much of the East Coast, began as a mere two-person operation. Raymond Barse and his wife, Sharon, brought this now immensely successful carrier company up from the ground a few short years ago in Riverview, Florida, armed only with a single truck and sheer determination.

Like many other new companies, Barse Trucking hit the ground running but did not have the budget or time to implement big name business software or streamlined management systems. “We started with a low-end dispatching product designed for one truck, which was fine at the time,” said Barse. “But it became apparent pretty quickly that this was not going to cut it if we were to grow at all, and even with only one truck the software was inefficient and not worth the money, in my opinion.” Barse also used a separate application to compute mileage and routing reports, and would then have to hand write his trip sheets and transcribe any relevant information to and from his dispatching tms software.

Despite these operational hardships the company began to take off, building a strong customer base in Florida and surrounding states. After a year in business, Barse hired his daughter, Rachel, adding a bit of computer savvy to the mix. Now with more potential growth and financial success in sight, Barse knew it was time to get serious and scale up his business. He began searching for a more efficient and consolidated way to handle his hectic workload.

Sifting through several other dispatching systems, Barse came upon Prophesy in February 2007. He was especially intrigued by the fact that he would be able to configure his purchase to suit the exact needs of his company. For Barse this was a clear advantage over other systems that are preconfigured and may include more or less than is needed.

After working closely with and receiving the expert advice of Prophesy account representative Quentin Eastman, Barse configured a Prophesy suite that fully met his needs, including Prophesy Dispatch with an interface to his existing QuickBooks accounting software, Mileage & Routing for mileage reports, DriverTrax for driver management, LogPlus for driver log auditing, and TaxTally for his tax reporting. Here was all that Barse needed, in a single, powerful package.

Barse then took advantage of Prophesy training, solidifying the knowledge needed to put these new tools to full use. Immediately he was able to begin dispatching loads and managing all other aspects of the business, without the hassle and stress of using mismatched third party applications and manual methods. Now that his operation was sufficiently automated, Barse could turn his attention to upsizing his fleet and truly concentrate on being a business owner.

Now in its fifth year of business, Barse Trucking boasts a fleet of 12 flatbeds and a workforce of 13 employees. Barse is clearly seeing the benefits of automating his business with Prophesy, and he stresses the important part that technology plays now and in the future of the trucking industry. “We are much more efficient and productive with Prophesy’s tools at our disposal, and this allows us to comfortably take steps to grow our company. In fact, a big selling point for us was the scalability of the software. It is great to know that with Prophesy our future growth and success will not be restricted whatsoever.”

So what is on the horizon for Barse Trucking? The company intends to continue increasing its fleet and personnel, and also has imminent plans to acquire a large client that will triple the company’s revenue. “I can’t say it enough: I owe it all to the software,” said Barse, and added with a laugh, “When I talk to other companies still struggling because they’re doing things the old-fashioned way, I say, ‘Man, you’ve got to start using Prophesy.’”

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