Increasing Productivity for Altitude Logistics

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“Prophesy OnDemand has enhanced our productivity by giving us the flexibility to access all of our information, all the time.”

-Evan Beddell, Systems Manager

Prophesy Increases Productivity for Altitude Logistics

Altitude Logistics located in Taylor, Michigan, opened its doors in 2000. Founder Bradley Bedell ran a one-man show for a short while, before hiring an additional person to handle the new company’s bookkeeping; Altitude Logistics has grown drastically since. The company started off primarily servicing the premium air freight industry and later expanded to offer an extensive range of services.

Today, Altitude Logistics is a non-asset based company with satellite trucking offices in Indiana and Texas, as well as a Distribution By Air, Inc. (DBA) office in Detroit, Michigan. Its satellite trucking offices, known as EQ Transportation, operate as truck brokerages that service the entire United States. Altitude Logistics and its affiliates offer services that include warehousing, logistics and trucking to international, domestic and local markets. “Because of our satellite offices and affiliation with DBA, we’re able to reach a large customer base. We also have the capacity to do business all over the globe,” said Evan Bedell, Systems Manager.

Prior to selecting Prophesy OnDemand, Altitude Logistics used Quickbooks® for bookkeeping, paper and pen to record work order sheets, dry erase boards to organize live loads, and filing cabinets to archive past work. “Making the change from paper and pen to software had a lot to do with opening the EQ Transportation satellite offices; we needed something to help us monitor them. Software was also a desperate need for our Michigan office because we had no other way to effectively keep up with our growing workload,” Bedell explained.Bedell compared a number of products before making the decision to proceed with a Prophesy OnDemand subscription. The final deciding factor in choosing Prophesy OnDemand was the freedom and flexibility offered by the web-based program. Bedell said, “OnDemand doesn’t require us to host the information on a server. We love the web-based option that Prophesy offers because it’s low maintenance and has great functionality, not to mention it has a clean, organized interface.” Bedell was also happy to learn that Prophesy OnDemand had the ability to integrate with Altitude Logistics’ existing QuickBooks® account. Altitude Logistics is subscribed to a 7-user version of ProphesynOnDemand Broker Edition with QuickBooks® integration.

Bedell took part in Prophesy OnDemand training with Implementation Consultant Mike Januszewski. After Bedell’s overthe-phone training, along with research of available online tutorials, he was fully able to train the Altitude Logistics’ office staff himself. “The setup of Prophesy OnDemand was done in a timely fashion and we’re pleased with the service and training we continue to receive. I’m also very impressed with the line of open communication we have with technical support; they’re always honest and helpful,” Bedell emphasizes.

Initially, the Altitude Logistics staff was stunned by the flexibility of Prophesy OnDemand, and happy with how easy the software made organizing business. “Prophesy OnDemand has enhanced our productivity by giving us the flexibility to access all of our information, all the time,” says Bedell. Altitude Logistics is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and uses Prophesy OnDemand to effectively stay on top of business.Altitude Logistics is currently experiencing a steady growth in sales and plans for continued expansion in the future.

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